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The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all our lives. It has forced most of us to confine ourselves to our homes and not to be able to travel widely. Be that as it may, the consultancy is still operating albeit with the restrictions that have been imposed throughout the UK and in Europe. 

The Director

Dr AC (Ricky) Metaxas is a Life Fellow at St John’s College, Cambridge, UK and past Honorary President of AMPERE, an association which he conceived and co-founded and served as President from 1995 to 2005.  Ricky wrote the history behind the formation of the AMPERE Association and highlights seminal moments in the centenary issue of the AMPERE Newsletter which is reproduced here.

Prior to joining the Engineering Dept at the University in Cambridge in 1982 he spent ten years at the Electricity Council Research Centre (E.C.R.C-now CTech Innovation Ltd) , Capenhurst, Chester, liaising throughout the UK but primarily with industries in Yorkshire and Lancashire and attempting to introduce efficient methods based on the use of Electricity for drying, heating, waste or food reprocessing, and so on. The aim was to replace a number of processes based on steam or hot air and driven by conventional energy such as coal, oil and gas. For topics and areas that we can assist you visit the What we offer page on this website.


Dr Ricky (AC) Metaxas was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2nd World Congress of Microwave Energy Applications (2GCMEA) which took place at Long Beach near los Angeles in California in July 2012 (see Awards page on this website). Ricky in the green room at St Johns College with the award. His daughter Nemone has been a radio presenter for over 20 years https://www.nemonemetaxas.com/and is also a qualified psychotherapist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nemone.

Dr Metaxas also has an award named after him, the ‘Ricky Metaxas Pioneer Award’, which was bestowed to him by the organising committee of the World Congress on microwave and RF energy. The award is presented to a promising young researcher every four years, and this year, at the 3rd Global Congress of Microwave Energy Applications (3GCMEA) venue in Cartegena, Spain, it was presented to John Gerling, of MUEGGE gmbh, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of systems for advanced industrial microwave heating and plasma applications. Upon receiving the award, John said: “I want to express my deepest gratitude for having received such a prestigious award and I hope to live up to the honour in the years to come”. (see Awards page on this website)

Dr Metaxas’ book, Foundations of Electroheat: A Unified Approach John Wiley and Sons 1996, has been translated in Albanian and Macedonian languages for use as a textbook in technical Colleges in that region. This book was written specifically as a handout to fourth year students at the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge who elected to follow the series of lectures comprising the course on Electroheat. It includes all the major uses of electricity from direct resistance heating and the plasma furnace to electromagnetic heating and processing with lasers such as Nd:YAG or CO2 lasers.  It gives a brief account on industrial processes for all these applications as well as solved examples of questions that were set for the Tripos examinations at the Engineering Department.

Further the book he co-authored with R Meredith, founder of Magnetronics Ltd, entitled Industrial Microwave Heating, IEE (now IET) Power Engineering Series 1983 (reprinted 1988, 1993) is known as the BIBLE for researchers working on various aspects of microwave heating.

PBPO004Emedium[1]This book was written while Ricky Metaxas was liasing with industry during his time at the E.C.R.C. (now CTech Innovation see below). After an initial discussion with industrial contacts, Ricky Metaxas and his colleagues at E.C.R.C. would design a specific equipment back at his base and subsequently install it in an industrial firm or at a university in the region with appropriate equipment or expertise at close hand and test it in situ. Following such tests and feasibility studies coupled with a cost benefit analysis a recommndation would be made to the company’s board as to the appropriateness of such a substitution from conventional to electrical energy usage.

It has to be said that such an approach was hugely aided by a representation from the local Area Boards which were part of the electricity supply industry (esi). With the privitisation of the ESI in 1991 alas most Local Area Boards have now closed, or at least their industrial networking vis a vis industrial processing has been considerably reduced to the extent that industrialists in the UK and indeed Europe are forced to seek advice from consultancies specialising in this area who apart from ourselves for both RF and microwave heating include Koral Associates for radio frequency heating or indeed major players in this area such as CTech Innovation Ltd  based near Chester, UK or the NCIMP at the University of Nottingham, UK.

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