The next in the series will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 13-16 September 2021. Details will be online in due course in the AMPERE website.


The AMPERE MEDAL 2017 was awarded to Professor Yoshio Nikawa, Department of Health and Medical Engineering, Dean, School of Science and Engineering, Kokushikan University, Tokyo 154-8515, Japan. It was presented to him at the GALA dinner following the conclusion of the 16th in the series of AMPERE conferences on High Frequency and Microwave Heating. Professor Nikawa has been very active in a number of ISM topics concerning the use of RF/Microwaves. His research activities include microwave and millimetre-wave measurements and applications, microwave and millimetre-wave heating and processing for medical and industrial applications.


A brand new award was instigated at the AMPERE conference in Crakow. It is the highest honour that our organisation can bestow and goes to an individual that has worked tirelessly promoting the use of RF/ microwave energy.

The first recipient of this award goes to Mr Bernie Krieger, the CEO of Cober Electronics, for his relentless effort in the past fourty years in attempting to bridge the gap between industrial applications and academic research. He was the driving force behind the creation of the Microwave Working Group which organised two successful Global Congresses on Microwave Energy Applications (GCMEA). The idea on staging the GCMEA’s rested on the fact that all the separate groups in the world concerned with microwave and RF applications would be involved each responsible for a theme in the scheduled programme. The third in the series of the global meetings, 3GCMEA, will be held in Catagena in July 2016 under the co-chairmanships of Professors Juan Monzo-Cabrera and Jose Fayos.

AMPERE (Association of Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education) emerged from the biennial series of Microwave and High Frequency conferences, the first of which was held at St John’s College, Cambridge in September 1986. Ricky was the instigator of the first such conference at St John’s College and was a member of a small committee set up after this first conference to oversee the organisation and running of all subsequent conferences in the series.

AMPERE was formally founded in 1993 during the 4th in the series held at Gothenburg, Sweden.  Ricky took over as President of AMPERE in 1995, following the 5th in the series held once again at St John’s College, and succeeded Professor Serge Lefeuvre of ENSEEIHT (Ecole National Superieure d’Electrotechnique d’Electronique d’Information et de Hydraulique de Toulouse), France. He held the Presidency until 2005 and is currently Honorary President of AMPERE and serves in the Management Committee.

Ricky has been the Editor of AMPERE’s quarterly Newsletter covering topics on radio frequency and microwave heating from 1 MHz to 20 GHz, from its inception up to September 2013. He has stepped down from this post and the interim editor for a year was Professor Juan Monzó-Cabrera of the Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena, Spain. The new editor elected at the Delft conference is Dr Link, Guido (IHM) Germany. E-mail: [email protected]  Short articles for inclusion in the Newsletter are very welcome and prospective authors should contact Dr Guido Link. For the foreseeable future Ricky will act as advisor to the present Editor. The latest issue of the Newsletter has recently been uploaded onto the AMPERE website and can be assessed online.

Issues are placed online in the AMPERE website in early January, April, July and October.

AMPERE organises a biennial conference. The 13th in the series was held at ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, FRANCE during 5-8 September 2011 while the 14th  was staged at the National Centre for Industrial Microwave Processing (NCIMP) at Nottingham University in the UK during 16-19 Sept 2013. The 15th in the series was held in Crakow, Poland in 2015 while the 16th and 17th were held at Delft, Holland and Valencia, Spain. 

The next in the series will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 13-16 September 2021. Details will be online in due course in the AMPERE website.

The venues for previous AMPERE conferences were as follows:

Cambridge 1986, Arnhem 1989, Nice 1991, Gothemburg 1993, Cambridge 2005, Fermo 1997, Valencia 1999, Bayreuth 2001, Loughborough 2003, Modena 2005, Oradea 2007, Karlsruhe 2009, Toulouse 2011, Nottingham 2013, Crakow 2015, Delft 2017, Valencia 2019

AMPERE hosted the 3rd Global Congress of Microwave Energy Applications, 3GCMEA at Cartagena in July 2016 under the chairmanship of AMPERE’s Secretary, Prof Juan Monzo Cabrera. A dedicated website is currently online ( The next in the series, 4GCMEA, will be held in Chengdu, China in August 2020.