New Award, 2019

A new award was inaugurated at the AMPERE biennial conference held in Valencia during 9-12 September 2019 entitled:

                         Ricky Metaxas Young Researcher Award

This is a new award in the field of Microwave or RF Heating and concerns activities in industry, academe or related areas. It is intended for a young researcher who is in the process of establishing a solid reputation in any of the fields stated above.

Past President, Ricky Metaxas handed a signed copy of his book, Industrial Microwave Heating, and a certificate to commemorate the event, to Dr Jose Daniel Gutierrez of the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain (see below).

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The other named award, the Ricky Metaxas Pioneer Award 2016, was launched in 2008 and was presented in subsequent quadrennial Global Congresses.  

The photo below was taken at the gala dinner during the 3GCMEA Congress in Cartagena, Spain and shows the leaders of the five associations worldwide involved in microwave and RF applications. From left to Right Prof Ka-ma Huang (China), Prof Juan Monzo-Cabrera (Chair of 3GCMEA) , Prof Cristina Leonelli (AMPERE President), Dr Rebecca Schulz and Mr Bernard Krieger (Microwave Working Group, USA) , Dr Ricky Metaxas (Honorary President of AMPERE),  Dr Robert Schiffman (IMPI, USA), and Prof  Satoshi Horikoshi (Japan).

Dr Metaxas presented the third Ricky Metaxas Pioneer Award at the 3GCMEA venue in Cartagena, Spain in July 2016. It was awarded to Mr John Gerling (center person below left), of John Gerling Inc., a company which is part of Muegge in Germany. John sas served the microwave heating community for over thirty years having taken over from his father’s company in Modesto, Califirnia,  in the mid 80’s. 


At the terrace for pre-dinner drinks and entertainment and at The Gala Dinner which was held at the 5* Hotel Principe Felipe at the La Manga Resort .   ricky-metaxas-pioneer-ceremony-2016

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John Gerling with his award

John with his award at home and in an elated fashion after he was presented it at the ceremony flanked by Juan Monzo-Cabrera the chair of 3GCMEA and Ricky. At the end stands Cristina Leonelli, the President of AMPERE.

Honorary Fellowship

After Dr Metaxas delivered his invited talk at the 50th Anniversary of the International Microwave Power Institute [IMPI] in June 2016 it was announced that the Board ofIMPI had bestowed on him an Honorary Fellowship of IMPI.

ricky-metaxas-honorary-fellowship-from-impi-2016Ricky was very grateful to accept such an honour and he thanked IMPI’s President and the Board of Governors for such an accolade. The photo above shows the small commemorative plaque handed to Ricky announcing his Honorary Fellowship.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Ricky was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2nd Global Congress (2GCMEA) which was held in Long Beach California during 23-27 July 2012. Ricky is seen here holding the award upon his return to St John’s College at Cambridge.

Ricky Metaxas attended the 2GCMEA venue at Long Beach thinking that the only function at the gala ceremony held on board the RMS Queen Mary docked at Long Beach was to present the Ricky Metaxas Pioneer Award bestowed on him by the organisers of the 1st World Congress held in Japan in 2008. He was very moved therefore to find out that his peers awarded him this Lifetime Achievement Award.

lifetime award close up

The award depicts a magnetron source made by Corning Inc with the same composition as Steuben Glass. The eight cavities where cut using a water jet and engraved by a laser.

GCMEA award ceremony

Dr Metaxas (left)receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from Dr Robert Schiffman, President of the International Microwave Power Institute, at the 2GCMEA  held at Long Beach in 2012.


Ricky Metaxas Pioneer Award

The organisers of the 1st Global Conference on Microwave Energy Applications (1GCMEA) held in Japan in August 2008 announced the establishment of the RICKY METAXAS PIONEER AWARD to be offered to an individual every four years when the subsequent Word Congresses are held.

Dr Lambert Feher, then at the Institut für Hochleistungsimpuls- und Mikrowellentechnik, at KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany, was the first recipient of this award for his paper entitled:

The Quamtum Nature of Microwave Heating, Processing and Effects inDiscussion with Classical Electrodynamics”,

presented at the GCMEA 2008 Conference.

The second Ricky Metaxas Pioneer Award was presented at the 2GCMEA venue at Long Beach California in July 2012. It was awarded to Dr Robert Schiffman, President of the International Microwave Power Institute for his long and distinguished services to the microwave heating community over fifty years.


Elected corresponding member of the ACADEMIA SCIENTIARIUM INSTITUTI BONONIENSIS (Academy of Sciences in Bologna) in 2002


Awarded jointly with GE Georghiou*, R Meredith and D Gurwicz the “Outstanding Paper Award” by the International Microwave Power Institute for the paper on ‘Switch mode Power Supply for Microwave Heating based on the Boucherot Effect’ for the most significant and technical contribution published in the Journal of Microwave Power in 1999

*Ex PhD student at the Engineering Department University of Cambridge


Awarded, jointly with Regas Neophytou, for the session 1996/1997 the IEE (now IET) Science, Education and Technology Divisional Premium for the paper entitled, ‘Characterisation of radio frequency heating systems in industry using a network analyser

*Ex PhD student at the Engineering Department University of Cambridge


Awarded the 1992 POWERGEN PRIZE for innovation and development in education offered by the Partnership Trust in London, for the design and installation of an electric heat pump drying plant. This award encourages development in teaching which abolishes any misleading images, employs the best of the new methods or approaches in teaching or learning and sets an example to other subjects in Higher Education


Awarded the “Outstanding Paper Award” by the International Microwave Power Institute for the paper on ‘Network Analysis on Radio Frequency Prototype Industrial Applicators’ published in the Journal of Microwave Power in 1985