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Dr A C MetaxasRicky (AC) Metaxas standing at the Cloisters of St John’s College, Cambridge, England UK. For a personal profile visit the following link

CV last revised 23 March 2018

Curriculum Vitae for Dr A C (Ricky) Metaxas

B.Sc., M.A., PhD., D.I.C., C.Eng., F.I.E.T.


Current position

  • Life Fellow, St John’s College, Cambridge, UK.
  • Founder member of AMPERE (Association of Microwave Power in Europe for Education and Research), a European based organisation which is devoted to the promotion of radio frequency (RF) and microwave energy in industry. Dr Metaxas was President from 1995-2005. Currently he is a member of the Scientific Committee. Having edited 78 issues of the quarterly Newsletter of the Association he now acts as advisor to the New Editor in Chief, Dr Guido Link of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • Trustee at Gog Magog Golf Club, Cambridge, England UK, 2009-2019
  • Founder and Managing Director, AC Metaxas and Associates, Cambridge, a consultancy specialising in the use of Radio Frequency and Microwaves in industry for heating, waste reprocessing, rubber curing, food processing and so on. He wrote two books concerning such processes both through theory and practical applications See who we are at this website.

Personal details

  • Date and p.o.b             4 September 1942, Cairo, Egypt
  • Nationality:                  British
  • Status:                          Married in 1968 to Margaret (nee Bilsland)
  • Children:                       Nemone (born 3/11/1972)-BBC 6Music radio presenter broadcaster and psychotherapist two grand children Ella and Sebastien
  • Hobbies:                       Current affairs, reading (especially biographies), writing, theatre, woodwork, golf, amateur investor
  • Languages:                   Fluent in English, Greek and French with some knowledge of German


  • 1966                            Imperial College, University of London: DIC
  • 1965-68                       Imperial College, University of London: PhD in Gaseous Electronics. Thesis entitled: “Two stage ionisation phenomena in radio frequency discharges”.
  • 1962-65                       University of London: BSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering.
  • 1960-61                       Taken “A” Levels Woolwich Polytechnic (now Greenwich University) for admission to London University
  • 1952-60                       Averoff Gymnasium Grammar School, Alexandria, Egypt
  • 1950-52                       Davarakios School, Alexandria, Egypt
  • 1947-50                       Ambetios School, Cairo, Egypt

Career path

  • 2007                            Transferred to a Life Fellow, St John’s College, Cambridge, UK
  • 2002-present             Managing Director of AC Metaxas and Associates
  • 1995-2009                  Tutor for Natural Sciences, St John’s College, Cambridge, UK
  • 1991                             Awarded the M.A., University of Cambridge
  • 1990-2002                   TXU-Eastern Energy plc, Ipswich, UK: Senior Engineer seconded to Cambridge University Engineering Department where he founded the EUG (Electricity Utilisation Group) researching into RF and Microwave heating applications as applied to the industrial sector
  • 1991-95                       St John’s College Cambridge: Director of Studies in Engineering for first and second year students
  • 1987                              Elected Fellow at St John’s College, Cambridge
  • 1982-90                       Electricity Council, Millbank, London: seconded to University of Cambridge Engineering Department as Teaching Fellow
  • 1972-82                       Electricity Council Research Centre, Capenhurst (now C-Tech Innovation): Research Officer in the Electro-physics group, specialising in the design and testing of radio frequency and microwave heating equipment for industry.
  • 1968-72                       University College of Swansea, University of Wales: Post-Doctoral Fellow sponsored by the UKAEA, working on new diagnostic techniques for sampling particle impurity emissions from the inner walls of thermonuclear (fusion) reactors
  • 1961-62                       Laboratory Assistant, DAVU Electrical Cables, Abbey Wood, London

Professional activities

  • 2017 and 2019    Attended AMPERE2017 and AMPERE 2019 venues and took part in meetings of the Management Committee of AMPERE
  • 2016                     Attended the 3GCMEA, lectured in the short course and took part in meetings of the Management Committee of AMPERE
  • 2016                      Presented an invited paper at IMPI50 in Orlando USA in June
  • 2016                      Visited Delft for an AMPERE MC meeting to discuss the next conference in the series and also to be updated on the latest developments for the 3GCMEA meeting to be held in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain in July 2016
  • 2015                       Acted as “The Opponent” in a defense of a PhD thesis is Sweden
  • 2015                       Attended The biennial International conference AMPERE in Krakow
  • 2014                       Visited Krakow Poland for an AMPERE  management meeting     and to discuss the arrangements for the forthcoming 15th in the series of AMPERE conferences
  • 2013-present        Advisor to the editor of the AMPERE Newsletter
  • 2012-2013            Expert Witness in a case in Scotland
  • 2011                       Voted Honorary President of AMPERE and a Member of the Scientific Committee for AMPERE 2011
  • 2009-2013            Council member at St John’s College Cambridge, England UK
  • 2009-present        Elected Trustee of the GOG MAGOG Golf Club Cambridge UK
  • 2007                       Invited to be a member of the advisory of GCMEA (Global   Congress on Microwave Energy Applications) held in Japan in August 2008
  • 2007-2016          Member of the editorial board of IET Science, Measurement   & Technology
  • 2002-present          Founder and Director, AC Metaxas and Associates, Cambridge, a consultancy specialising in the use of Radio Frequency and Microwave heating in industry
  • 1998-2005             Governor of Stanford Endowed Schools as a nominee of St John’s College, Cambridge.
  • 1996                       Transferred to a Fellowship of the IEE now IET
  • 1995-2005             President of AMPERE (Association for Microwave Power for Research and Education in Europe)
  • 1995                       Chairman, Organiser and Director of Microwave and High Frequency Heating Conference, St John’s College, Cambridge September 1995, now part of the AMPERE (5th) series of biennial conferences
  • 1994-1996             Chairman of BNCE’s Education and Training Committee and member of the Main Committee of BNCE (British National Committee for Electroheat)
  • 1994-2013               Editor of AMPERE Newsletter
  • 1993-1995               Secretary of AMPERE
  • 1993-present          Member of the Management Committee of AMPERE
  • 1993                         Co-founder of AMPERE at the High Frequency and Microwave conference at SIK (Swedish Food Institute) at Gothemburg
  • 1990                         Awarded an MA from the University of Cambridge
  • 1990-present          Member of the Institute of Energy
  • 1990-present          Refereed scientific papers for IET, IEEE, J Micr. Power, J Food Eng., Wiley & Sons and Compel.
  • 1989-1990              Refereed EPSRC, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Australian National Council proposals for research grants.
  • 1988-89                 Expert Witness in the London High Court
  • 1988-92                 External Examiner for final year Electrical Engineering Course at North East London Polytechnic
  • 1988-94                 Editor of BNCE’s Education and Training Newsletter
  • 1987-2000            Associate Editor of the Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy
  • 1986-95                 Member of the IEE
  • 1986                       Hosted of 1st biennial International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating at St John’s College which subsequently became AMPERE venues from 1993 up to the present (latest  Nottingham, UK Sept 2013)
  • 1985                       Member of the organising committee for the Universities Power Engineering Conference
  • 1984-94                 Member of the Education and Training Committee of British National Committee of Electroheat (BNCE)
  • 1984 and 1986       Co-director of the Cambridge Energy Summer School

Invited Lectures and Keynote Presentations

  • AMPERE               Plenary presentation during AMPERE2019 conference entitled: Industrial RF and Microwave Heating: A personal perspective held in Valencia, Spain Sept 2019 Also presented short course lecture on RF applicators
  • USA                         Keynote presentation during IMPI Symposium held at Orlando entitled: A Lifetime surfing high Frequency Waves, June 2016
  • EUROPE              Keynote address at Scientific day about RF and microwave heating at an international company in Europe during October 2014.
  • AMPERE             Invited to present a review on industrial applications in the short course preceding the 14th AMPERE conference in Nottingham in Sept 2013
  • GCMEA                 Co-organiser and lecturer of the short course, entitled, “FUNDAMENTAL AND ADVANCED TOPICS IN RF AND MICROWAVE PROCESSING” presented at the 2 nd GCMEA World Congress at Long Beach California July 2012 Invited paper: Numerical modelling of gas discharges at 3D: initial validation with the view to studying arcing in RF systems coauthored with L Papageorghiou and G Georghiou
  • AMPERE               Co-chair of the Industrial applications Session during the 13th AMPERE conference in Toulouse in Sept 2011
  • AMPERE               Presented a review on industrial applications in the short course preceding the conference in Toulouse in Sept 2011
  • AMPERE               Presented a review on industrial applications in the short course preceding the conference in Karlsruhe in Sept 2009
  • AMPERE               Presented two invited plenary talks in Oradea, Romania at the 11th AMPERE conference on “A review of industrial applications of RF and microwaves pointing to future trends” and also on a SWOT analysis of the RF and MW industry. Further he presented a review on industrial applications in the short course preceding the conference Sept 2007
  • CCFRA, UK         Invited talk on “Hot spots in the microwave field” at the Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Seminar 23 Nov 2006
  • EMMA Club, UK   Invited to present a paper on “Dielectric measurements: the key to successful exploitation of microwave processing, University of Nottingham, organised by the National Physical laboratory, 23 June 2006
  • AMPERE               President’s stepping down speech after 10 years at the helm at the AMPERE conference in Modena, Italy, Sept 2005
  • MedPow04            Invited paper at the MedPow04 conference, Limassol, Cyprus Nov 2004
  • Takamatsu, Japan   Invited paper at the International Symposium on Microwave Science and its Application to Related Fields, July 2004
  • University of Padua Invited paper at the Heating with Internal Sources (HIS-01) Conference, Padua, Italy, September 2001
  • PIERS                    (Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium), Invited paper at the PIERS Conference Osaka, Japan, July 2001
  • AMPERE               President’s welcoming address at the 2nd International AMPERE conference on Microwaves and Chemistry, Juan les Pins, Antibes,     September 2000
  • AMPERE               Keynote address at the 7th International AMPERE conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating, Valencia, Spain, September 1999
  • AMPERE               Plenary review paper on drying at the Microwaves in Chemistry conference, Prague, September 1998
  • GOTHEMBURG University  Invited IEEE lecture at the University, Sweden May 1998
  • OPTIM98              Plenary lecture on the Unification of Electroheat as an academic discipline, Brasov, Romania, May 1998
  • AMPERE               Keynote address on the unified approach to teaching electroheat, Fermo, Italy, September 1997
  • PIERS                    Invited talk on computational electromagnetics for microwave heating, Boston, USA, July 1997
  • WORLD CONGRESS  Microwave Processing, invited lecture on recent developments of radio frequency technology and to chair a Round Table Discussion, Orlando, Florida, January 1997
  • MICROWAVE Association UK Conference at the Food RA, Leatherhead, UK, Invited talk on the potential of microwave heating in the food industry, October 1996
  • ENSEEIHT            (Ecole National Superieure d’Electrotechnique d’Electronique d’Information et de Hydraulique de Toulouse) Participated in a Round Table Discussion about Technology Transfer Toulouse, France, October 1995
  • AChemS                 (American Chemical Society) spring meeting at Anaheim, LA, USA, invited paper on microwaves and polymers April 1995
  • MRS                      (Materials Research Society) spring meeting in San Francisco, USA, invited paper on overview of the electroheat activities at Cambridge University, March 1994
  • ACerS                    (American Ceramics Society) Spring meeting in Cincinnati, USA, review paper on microwave heating, March 1993
  • PRETORIA University Invited to present a lecture on Electroheat, July 1993
  • DEEKIN University     Invited to present a paper on microwave theory, practice and a review of industrial applications, Melbourne Australia, 1990
  • ENSEEIHT            Presented a series of lectures at the Ecole National on nuclear power, industrial lasers, electroheat-a unified approach and a historical perspective of Cambridge through science at Toulouse, France, October 1989
  • KEMA                   High Frequency and Microwave Heating and processing closing address at the International Conference, Arnhem, 1989
  • ALBERTA University   Invited lecture on teaching electroheat through a unified approach University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada, 1988
  • CNRS                    (Centre National de Research Scientifique), Invited to present a keynote address on industrial microwave applications, Paris 1987
  • BNCE Member of the organising Committee of BNCE relating to the 1st International Conference on High Frequency and Microwave Heating which subsequently became know as AMPERE conferences 1986

International Conference

  • Organised, Hosted and Chairman of the Fifth AMPERE Microwave and High Frequency Processing Conference at St John’s College, Cambridge, 17-21 September 1995, for over 200 delegates.
  • Advisor to the next 10 AMPERE conferences in the series while Dr Metaxas was member of the Management Committee of AMPERE.

Published Books

Foundations of Electroheat A Unified Approach‘, J. Wiley and Sons, 1996

Was translated in Macedonian and Albanian languages. Professor D Newland, Head of Dept of Engineering at Cambridge University commented shortly after the book was printed in 1996, “The book outstanding feature is its unified approach to a wide range of seemingly disparate heating topics-absolutely in the best CUED (Cambridge University Engineering Department) tradition

Industrial Microwave Heating‘ Peter Peregrinus, IEE (now IET), 1983 (reprinted 1988 and 1993),

co-authored with Mr R. Meredith. This book is being referred to as the BIBLE for scientists and engineers wishing to consider RF or Microwaves in their industrial operations

Chapters in books

Analysis of RF Industrial Heating Systems Using Computational Techniques, Chapter 8, co-authored with Regas Neophytou in a book entitled: Radio Frequency Heating in Food Processing: Principles and Applications, edited by George B.Awuah, Hosahalli Ramaswamy and Juming Tang, Taylor and Francis Group, LLC, CRC Press Dec 2014, Print Book ISBN: 978-1-4398-3704-7, eBook ISBN: 978-1-4398-3705-4

Microwave Processing of Ceramics’, a Chapter in Advanced Ceramic Processing and Technology, co-authored with J. Binner, Noyes Publications, 1991,

Courses and special lectures

  • 2002-present          Short courses on RF and microwave heating given under the auspices of AC Metaxas and Associates, Energy Consultants Cambridge, UK to industry and academe
  • 1992-2002             Short courses on RF and microwave heating given under the auspices of The EUG at CUED Cambridge, UK to industry and academe
  • 1993                       Lecture tour of Belgium Universities (Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Liege) on Electroheat topics
  • 1993                       University of Pretoria, Pretoria,  South Africa  on RF and microwave heating and conducted a CASE STUDY on drying
  • 1992-1999             Short courses on RF and microwave heating given under the auspices of EUG, Dept Eng, Cambridge University, UK
  • 1991-1998             Participated in courses at Amsterdam, Holland, given under the auspices of the Centre Professional Advancement, New Jersey, USA on RF and microwave heating
  • 1990 and 1996       Melbourne, South Australia under the auspices of the University of Deekin, Geelong and RMIT  (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) on RF and microwave heating
  • 1990 and 1991       Electroheat to MSc course students at the University of Southampton
  • 1990-1994             Cranfield University to Thermal Energy Processes MSc students on RF, microwaves and plasmas
  • 1990-1998             University of Aston to 4th year undergraduates on the unified approach to electromagnetic heating
  • 1989-1999             University of Kingston on Electroheat to MSc students on Advanced Manufacturing Systems on the Electro-Manufacturing Systems Module. Also conducted an industrial case study on drying
  • 1988-1994             Various venues to industrialists under the auspices of the British National Committee for Electroheat (BNCE) on topics of Electroheat 

Honours and Awards

  • The Management Committee of AMPERE  announced the establishment of the RICKY METAXAS YOUNG RESEARCHER AWARD to be offered to a young researched establishing a name in this field. It will be offered at subsequent biennial AMPERE venues. The first recipient was Dr Jose Daniel Gutierrez of ITACA, UPV, Spain.
  • Bestowed an HONORARY FELLOWSHIP of IMPI at the 50 anniversary of IMPI held in Orlando in 2016 where he presented an invited paper
  • Awarded the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the 2nd Global World Congress (2GCMEA) which was held in Long Beach USA during July 2012
  • The organisers of the 1st Global Conference on Microwave Energy Applications (1GCMEA) held in Japan in August 2008 announced the establishment of the RICKY METAXAS PIONEER AWARD to be offered to a an individual every four years when the subsequent Word Congresses are held. Dr Lambert Feher of Institut für Hochleistungsimpuls- und Mikrowellentechnik, was the first recipient of this award for his paper entitled: “The Quamtum Nature of Microwave Heating, Processing and Effects inDiscussion with Classical Electrodynamics”, presented at the GCMEA 2008 Conference. This award will be awarded in subsequent World congresses in the series.
  • Elected corresponding member of the ACADEMIA SCIENTIARIUM INSTITUTI BONONIENSIS (Academy of Sciences in Bologna) in 2002
  • Awarded jointly with GE Georghiou, R Meredith and D Gurwicz the “Outstanding Paper Award” by the International Microwave Power Institute for the paper on ‘Switch mode Power Supply for Microwave Heating based on the Boucherot Effect’ for the most significant and technical contribution published in the Journal of Microwave Power in 1999
  • Awarded, jointly with Regas Neophytou, for the session 1996/1997 the IEE Science, Education and Technology Divisional Premium for the paper entitled, ‘Characterisation of radio frequency heating systems in industry using a network analyser’
  • Awarded the 1992 POWERGEN PRIZE for innovation and development in education offered by the Partnership Trust in London, for the design and installation of an electric heat pump drying plant. This award encourages development in teaching which abolishes any misleading images, employs the best of the new methods or approaches in teaching or learning and sets an example to other subjects in Higher Education
  • Awarded the “Outstanding Paper Award” by the International Microwave Power Institute for the paper on ‘Network Analysis on Radio Frequency Prototype Industrial Applicators’ published in the Journal of Microwave Power in 1985

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