Short Course and Registration


The short courses have been given first at the E.U.G. within the Dept of Engineering at Cambridge University since 1992 and then post 2002 transferred to AC Metaxas and Associates.  The courses take various formats, for example in 2010 three course were given (a) a course targeting RF technology (b) a generic course incorporating both RF and microwave heating and (c) a bespoke course at an international company in the USA.  In 2012 a bespoke course was presented at a company in the middle east. In September 2014 a bespoke course on RF drying was given in a firm’s premises in the UK and in October 2014 the usual course on Microwave and RF heating was given to a number of industrialists.  Please contact us to discuss details.


Delegates attending a short course at St John’s College Cambridge UK


Next short course will be announced here in due course.


09:00-09:15 Introduction

09:15-10:30 Theory of Dielectric Heating

10:30-10:45 Coffee

10:45-11:30 Dielectric Properties

11:30-12:30 Sources and Applicators

12:30:13:00 Arcing in RF applicators

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Computer Modelling

15:00-15:15 Tea

15:15-16:15 Review of Industrial RF and Microwave Applications

16:15-16:45 Summary and Open Forum

The open forum is usually very popular and worthwhile to the delegates in that they asked questions relevant to their business without compromising confidentiality.

REGISTRATION for future courses

Date of next short course to be announced in due course

Fill in the details below and press the SEND button. By electronic signature we mean that it is not necessary to scan your actual signature. Just choose an appropriate font to type  your surname. If a person from Personnel or Human resources department will handle your application and paying the fee then we need his/her details as shown below. If however you will handle your registration then there is no need to fill the details of anybody from Personnel or Human Resource departments.

Last short COURSE was held on TUESDAY 7 OCTOBER 2014

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Upon receipt of your registration form we will then advise you of the procedure for payment by electronic bank transfer (credit card payment is not accepted) .

AC Metaxas and Associates is non VAT registered. The course fee includes, lunch, interval refreshments and comprehensive course notes. Hotel accommodation, if required, is the responsibility of the delegates. A list of hotels with contact numbers will be provided to all the delegates after registration.