Who we are

AC Metaxas & Associates was established as a Consultancy for issues related to radio frequency and microwave energy utilisation. Our customers can be re-assured that their problems are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Dr A C MetaxasThe Director of the consultancy is Dr AC (Ricky) Metaxas who was the head of the Electricity Utilisation Group (EUG) at the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, UK until Sept 2002. The EUG was established in the early 1980’s with support from the electricity supply industry (esi) and carried out R&D on the use of radio frequency and microwave energy in industry and commerce.  Eight PhD’s emanated from the group in various topics spanning finite elements (using edge elements) from microwave heating and analysis of RF heating systems to modelling mode stirrers within multimode microwave applicators.  Also a major topic was the study of the initiation of coronas and streamers in RF systems using an FE FCT (Flux Corrected Transport) scheme. At the Post Doc level licenses were taken out for an arc detector as well as for an executable version of the EUG software code. The photo above shows Ricky standing in the cloisters at St John’s College’s New Court which is linked to the third Court by the Bridge of Sighs.

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Dr Metaxas continues his association with St John’s College, Cambridge, where he became a Fellow in 1987 and is currently a Life Fellow. The photo below shows his present room in the College’s Chapel Court. He continues to advise industry on energy utilisation matters from his office at 26 Earl Street, Cambridge.


Prior to joining the Engineering Department at Cambridge in 1982, Dr Metaxas spent ten years in an industrial utility sponsored R&D establishment (ECRC now C-Tech Innovation near Chester, UK)  where he worked in the area of electroheat, and in particular on radio frequency and microwave energy as applied to many industrial processes such as drying, heating, tempering and waste reprocessing. He has maintained strong links with industry and has consulted a number of national and multinational companies in Europe, Middle East, Australia and the USA.

A major study entailed (see IEEE paper Ehlers and Metaxas 2003) as found in packaging systems in microwave heating applications. Also RF industrial heating systems were characterised using a Network analyser quite readily without having to resort to green fingers (Characterisation of Radio Freq). Finally, a concerted effort was devoted to studying the initiation of arcing in industrial systems first starting with DC systems with the view to continue to RF systems in due course. The preliminary results could be seen by visiting the following link 3D…incorporating photo… Feb 2011 papageorghiou et al.

Dr Metaxas has presented a number of keynote addresses and invited lectures world-wide and has published over 150 papers see CV as well as two books which can be purchased from Amazon (see link below):

INDUSTRIAL MICROWAVE HEATING, IEE, UK, 1983 (reprinted 1993) and co-authored with Roger Meredith, ISBN 0 906048 89 3


FOUNDATIONS OF ELECTROHEAT: a unified approach, John Wiley and Sons, 1996

ISBN 0 471 95644 9

Both books can be purchased from Amazon. Note, choose “Books” in the Amazon website followed by the above title and authors.